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Shaping cities of the future

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We create culture plans and build digital tools that connect your citizens to one-another and create vibrant art and cultural scenes.


About Us

Traditionally, “the city proper” described the area contained within a city’s limits. We believe that today your city’s identity exists far beyond those boundaries. City Proper specializes in delivering digital tools and strategies to compete in the competitive global environment. We work with cities to connect with their citizens both online and on the street. 

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What We Do

Community Consultation

Creating community engagement is essential to the success of any strategic plan or project. Our process includes facilitation, surveys, community outreach, and public meetings. We create detailed consultation reports that summarize our findings and help ensure community buy-in early in the process.  

Communications and Pr 

We create an authentic brand identity for your city or region. We go deep into your history and culture to design an identity that will excite your citizens and intrigue the world. Communicate your city’s brand to local communities and to the world with award-winning website design and development and brand-centric social media profiles. Our outreach strategies target influencers, create community buy-in, and tell compelling stories about your city. 

Cultural Planning Consultation

Using the latest GIS technology our mapping platforms make organizing and viewing your cultural assets a pleasure for you and your citizens. Connect your creative communities, attract tourists, and engage your audiences.

Make the case for culture in your community by using our analytics reporting.


Culture is your city's differentiating factor. Empower your citizens to shape their communities with these digital tools. 


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